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Our Story


We’re a national change making solution here to help businesses and individuals to do the right thing and take kind action every single day. Whatever the need is within someone’s lifestyle, they can find what they’re looking for through kind currency. We help corporates and people make informed decisions to create real impact through their actions.  


It’s our responsibility to address the social injustices in our society to protect people and the planet. As a community, we can work together to change the world for good.


Everything we do is geared towards benefiting the caregivers and kind people in our society. We want to shift the narrative in society, and encourage people to see kindness as a strength that is rewarded, not a weakness that is taken advantage of. 


We’re here to highlight the practice that people and corporations can do to protect both people, and the planet. Our community gains insights into who they can trust to carry out good deeds on their behalf, through shopping, kind actions and lifestyle habits. We help people find confidence in making informed decisions to do the right thing. 


We’re creating an economy of kind actions, kick-starting the change needed to protect us all.

Meet Our Founder

Michelle Jones

Having dedicated her life to addressing imbalances and helping people, Michelle founded Kind Currency out of a desire to see kindness supported and rewarded across society. 


“My focus has always been on closing the disadvantaged gap, inclusion and equality. I manage several chronic illnesses and invisible disabilities including mental health illness. I've seen life in the darkest of moments, where I just existed, to today where I use my experience to create change and support others.


I have lived a life under the poverty line, skipping meals, using credit to pay for essential bills and preventing access to treatment not available from the NHS, with employment seriously impacted by disability and being self-employed in a sector that doesn't value people, working at times two or three jobs to get by.


During my career as a wedding planner, I’ve also worked with the ultra-privileged, and have seen unkind practices perpetuated by those that have plenty, but won’t use their power to show support and kindness where it's needed. 


Having been on both sides of the spectrum of privilege throughout my life, the idea for Kind Currency came from sadness, anger, shame and frustration.

Everyday I see good, kind people protecting people and society that are struggling with adversity and living in deprivation with no support or help. ​We live in a society that has put profit before people and the planet. It's not fair, and I can do something about it, to level up the kindness, by fighting the poverty crisis with climate action.


Kind Currency delivers accessible opportunities to take kind action without judgement, and with empathy and kindness. 


We’re a change making solution defined by character and kindness, helping businesses and citizens to do the right thing”.

Meet Team Kind

Our team kind will be coming soon, watch this space!

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