Please help us to close the disadvantage gap and reduce poverty

Kind Currency is an opportunity to change how we live, consume and do business, changing and shaping lives, creating and sustaining a future that is kind. The work we do in our Community Interest Company and Charity is delivered with kindness to solve some of society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our community are empowered by creating opportunities and providing resource for kind people, kind businesses and kind causes. As a community we will protect people, society, local communities, local businesses, local and national economies and the planet.

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Our subscription membership club offers you, as a consumer, an accessible resource to make kinder lifestyle choices. We enable you to create acts of kindness everyday without impacting your time, energy or money. We help conscious consumers make savings as they spend and live more consciously.
By becoming a member of the community you help us reduce the poverty rate.


Our business community supports you, a local ethical business, to increase your trade, profit and purpose. We connect you directly with conscious consumers ready to shop kind, supporting your value and purpose and helping you build a loyal community. We champion you, your business and celebrate your purpose and aspirations.
By becoming a business in the community you help us close the disadvantaged gap.


Our charity fund will provide opportunities to the kind people and causes in our society that are struggling. Many are facing their own adversities and we want to help them remove their disadvantaged barriers and celebrate their kindness. Levelling up society to close the poverty and disadvantaged gap, creating a kinder inclusive world.
Working together as a community we can create an economy of kindness that levels up society.

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Why it began!

We believe that GOOD THINGS deserve to happen to GOOD PEOPLE.

Kind Currency is a Community Interest Company that helps those that help others through The Kindness Fund.

We all know a volunteer.

But did you know that many volunteers face their own adversity?

And do you understand the sacrifice they make?

A few years ago we identified a significant imbalance within society, an imbalance that needs to be challenged and we believe as a community we can deliver the change needed.

As a society we depend on the voluntary and charity sector, the pandemic, significantly highlighted our dependence on this sector. Billions of pounds are contributed to the economy every year by kind volunteers and the impact, well, they save people's lives on a daily basis.

We learnt that many of the people who gift this kindness to society are the 14.4m living in poverty or the 20% of adults classed as disadvantaged. Whilst they are making our lives better protecting people and planet, they are struggling, facing their own adversities and not living a kind life themselves.

That old saying, 'why do bad things happen to good people' has no place in today's world.

We are responsible to ensuring HumanKind is protected and that the kindest of people, live a kind life too. 

We realised we could help those that help others by creating an economy of kindness. So not just paying kindness forward through the fund but creating an opportunity to create several acts of kindness everyday.

Kind Currency will provide consumers with the opportunity to make kinder lifestyle choices through our membership community and support local ethical businesses. And we well support businesses to lead with purpose and celebrate businesses for good.  

Here at Kind Currency, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. Since 2000, we’ve been supporting our community members in a variety of ways and measuring our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts.

Just imagine a world where kindness is currency!


Michelle Jones our Founder and Kindness Director.

A champion of kindness

A believer in the power of community.

A North-East Social Impact Entrepreneur.

A Volunteer and Charity Worker.

An Ambassador for Inclusion.

A Resilient Chronic Illness and Invisible Disability Warroir

And most importantly, a homemaker, Wife to Steven and Mam to Dylan and Isla


'A little bit of kindness makes the world sparkle'



Chris Jelley our Technology Expert and Advisor.

A husband and father.

A Durham Dweller.

Tech "Geek".

Lifelong Learner.

Serial Entrepreneur.

"You can stop learning new things when you die"



Antonia Brindle, Media Relations Expert and Kind Currency Champion

A North East Entrepreneur

Champion of Women in Business

A Non-Exec Director for Age UK

Working Mum


'Believe that you can do and be anything'