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How do you support society?

ATV Aerial & Satellite Company


Providing all media services for your home, with a particular focus on elderly and animal welfare.

Kind Action

The team at ATV Aerial & Satellite Company Ltd provide an authentic, friendly service to support their local community. Their transparency and authenticity helps to keep their customers safe, particularly the more older people in the community. You'll get to know the team in advance of the job, so that you can have confidence that your work is being done by a lovely, local family.

If you have booked them for a job at an elderly relatives property, make sure to share their photo with them so they can identify them at their front door and know they are the right guys. If they have special needs, such as dementia, poor mobility or another condition, do let them know so they can be as helpful as possible. They will look after your loved one as well as they want someone to look after one of theirs.

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