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Bnode have becoming a leading voice within ethical business practices which has opened many doors to both the public and private sector. Continued investment into their bespoke, website accessibility tool provides a platform to showcase digital inclusivity in support of neurodivergent and disabled people. Increasing brand awareness through ethical business proactive webinars have also supported the business market in raising awareness to be more inclusive for companies.

By continuing to champion for inclusion and sustainability within a digital landscape, MD Chris Naylor surrounds himself with individuals that he is championing for, and also businesses that want to support others with ethical business practices.

If Bnode asked you “what’s the single most polluting machine ever created by mankind?” What would your answer be? Cargo ships or jumbo jets are common responses. The internet, and all the thousands of data centres and power stations needed to support it, are in fact, collectively, the single most energy-intensive machine ever produced by man. It’s annual power consumption is thought to be equal to that of the entirety of Germany. So subtle is this energy monster that it never enters most people’s consciousness with regards to its environmental impact.

Bnode Ltd creates ethical websites that are built with environmental considerations at the heart of the project and hosts them on 100% renewable energy data centres, saving huge amounts of CO2 output from company’s digital assets.

Social impact...
A few examples of this are how MD Chris Naylor volunteers by sitting on several Yorkshire council groups as advisors in matters of digital sustainability in the hope to raise awareness at government level towards digital carbon impacts. Some of these are: The Calderdale Council’s Climate Action Partnership, Kirklees Council SEND group initiative, Kirklees Council D=I Steering group, Kirklees ‘Change Grow Live’ and Addiction Roundtable.

Throughout 2023 & 2024, Chris has also provided training and live talks in business ethics such as sustainability and inclusivity for Kirklees college & Upper Batley High School, Future Creative (TSL) Kirklees.

In late 2023, Chris has also become 1 of 5 Ambassadors for the Good Business Charter, to promote ethical business practices around the Yorkshire region.

In 2024 Chris has also become a mentor for a West Yorkshire Combined Authority initiative called "Neurodiversity Entrepreneurship Association" (NEA). Providing ethical, digital marketing advice and support to a network of Neurodivergent people in West Yorkshire.

Bnode Ltd

Bnode is the Ethical and Environmental Digital Marketing agency that is championing GOOD accessibility to be the norm for digital assets such as websites and focusing on digital growth that doesn’t cost the earth.

Would you say that your company has strong ethical values towards its customers and internal team members?

Is your website inclusive towards the 2 million blind people in the UK, the 3 million colourblind people, or even the 2.8 million people that are neurodivergent?

Do you know how much CO2 your website and digital operations produce?

This is why Bnode is different from other marketing agencies. We approach marketing with strong ethics at heart and an ethical awareness to help you be more inclusive towards your current and potential new customers, and we help to lower your business carbon footprint through consideration, expertise, and implementation of your internal digital assets and operations.

Now is the time to ensure that you’re seen as a morally sound business, all while growing your current customer base due to the many benefits that these strong ethics present.

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