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Kaleidoscope by Amy Lou

Amy Louise Trainor

Kaleidoscope by Amy Lou is a UK, North East based contemporary textile design house with sustainable practices placed at the heart at what they do. They work with quality, ethically sourced, bold, bright, fabric to create bags and accessories that get noticed! In Spring 2023, they launched a jewellery line in keeping with my brand's individual, bold and striking aesthetic. So far they've introduced earrings and necklaces to the range and are really loving developing the brand in this direction as well as the bags and purses.

Kind Action

The bags are made-to-order to reduce waste and surplus stock; we only work with vegan/faux leather and faux suede rather than the real animal skin; we regularly source repurposed upholstery fabric rather than buying new; we source most of our resources and equipment locally as far as possible, supporting other local businesses and reducing our carbon footprint; and we donate fabric and equipment to local charities in the area that run sewing and textile workshops. Lastly, overall we encourage a 'Go Slow' approach to fashion, celebrating quality over and quantity and a 'keep for years' attitude to fashion consumption.

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