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Myfolks Ltd

Louise Thompson

The compassionate concierge service is primarily booked on our app, (that you access via our website) and it provides a Myfolkser from the local community to go and provide light domestic tasks but primarily emotional support and befriending. The key difference is that our support is intended to be called upon at the times you need it (after you have registered) rather than booking in advance - you never know when a need is going to arise so advanced planning really didn't work for us as a family.
We don't currently offer personal care.

Kind Action

Based on our lived experience, we have created a compassionate concierge service for elderly people who are becoming frail and their families who support them. Sometimes you just need another pair of kind hands to help!
It also allows us to offer flexible, purposeful work to those who may have left the workforce, or never felt part of it, in their local community. We call them Myfolksers. Myfolksers choose when they work (no zero hours contracts here).
We are very new - we don't believe this service exists anywhere else - and we have much to learn and develop, but we are all about decency and compassion. The service is chargeable, but it is possible to use a direct award to pay for it, or for family members to pay for it.
Your folks are Myfolks.

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