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Three By One Europe Ltd

Laura Dixon

Everything coconut.
We are using all parts of the coconut to create food & drink products, skin & haircare, homewares, textiles...
Nothing goes to waste.
Designed in the UK. Ethically farmed, produced & created in Sri Lanka.
We guarantee NO monkeys & NO children are used in our supply chain.

Kind Action

Three By One Europe is a lifestyle brand on a mission to bring transparency, sustainability & inclusivity to the supply chain of consumer goods.
We give the consumer options to enable them to make better choices through their purchases.
We want our product ranges to be good for our customers, good for the planet, and good for the people who produce them.
Premium, organic coconut products and spices. All natural, no preservatives. Ethically sourced from small scale producers in Sri Lanka. Sustainable and transparent supply chains. No monkeys used in the supply chain.
Zero waste production means we try to use all our waste to create useful products rather than sending the waste to landfill or burning it.

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