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YANA's Core Values
All living things are made up of DNA, and YANA is a brand that if full of life. Making up our brand DNA are our four key values:

Community – to bring like-minded women together

Empowerment – to create activewear that helps you to perform: feeling good whilst looking good

Humility – to be a brand with a heartbeat, where honestly is an integral part of YANA™ brand DNA

Sustainability – to minimise our carbon footprint by using recycled fabrics, natural fibres and materials, and manufacturing as many of our products in the UK to avoid Co2 emissions from long haul transportation

YANA Active

Activewear that looks good, whilst doing good for our planet.
Built to Perform and #MadeToEmpower
At YANA™ Active, we create luxury, women's activewear that is durable and performance enhancing, to support and style our community of Everyday Warriors.

Sustainability is at the heart of YANA's ethos, designing and manufacturing pieces in the North East of England from natural or recycled fabrics.
Whether you are smashing fitness goals or owning your look – we want to be part of the action, and the style in your story!
Built to Perform and Made to Empower. Awarded Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year for 2022 by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards

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