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Are you a kind person?

Wanna be in our Human-Kind Club?

Sick of the sh*t show and want to be part of a world that celebrates and rewards kind people?


You have the power to make real change every time you shop. Supporting sustainable, kind and ethical businesses can truly change the world, and making the kind of changes that create real change can be easier than you think. 

You want a simple, fun way to shop kind, be kind, live kind and protect people and planet and say b*llocks to the abuse of privilege and power?

Don’t worry. We’ve got a club for that. Woo hoo! 

Your one-stop shop to create a kinder world

The price: £5 a month

The impact: priceless

For £5 a month, you can join our Human-Kind Club. 


In our Kind Business Club are charities, good causes and businesses that have passed our rigorous vetting process before being verified as KIND. That means that each time you act kind and shop kind with them, you KNOW that you’re creating a kind change to our world, and chipping away at the sh*tshow we’re in today.

Your benefits:

•     Kind Incentives from Kind Businesses
•     Kind Opportunities with charities and good causes
•    An automatic donation to The Kindness Fund, making your monthly kindness go even further 
•    Kind treats and rewards for taking kind action
•    Discounts to Kind Currency Events & Experiences
•    Confidence that your actions are actually good for people and our planet
•    Celebrate how fudging kind you are

Ready to make the world a kinder place? 

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