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Are you an ethical business, social enterprise, charity or good cause?

Then join in our Kind Business Club

It’s your turn to get rewarded for your kindness

Lots of businesses SAY that they are kind.

Lots of businesses SAY that they care about people and planet. 


But not you. 


You’re one of those awesome businesses who walk the kind walk, and consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that you’re protecting the planet and supporting people. 


Prioritising kindness takes balls. And it’s time that you got rewarded for it.

We’re building a community of real people who are committed to delivering real change in the world by championing people and planet with their business. Take a look at the benefits for yourself:

Your Kind Business Club Benefits

Partnership opportunities
Discounted access to events
Monthly donations to The Kindness Fund
Business growth and support resources
Access to our Facebook Group
Get your business verified as kind
Free promotion and marketing
Medals of Kindness

*Charities and Good Causes receive all betters for free as well free access to events and experiences.

All we ask for in exchange is a deal or offer that is unique to our kind shoppers. This offer can be designed by you, and is intended to meet a need within your business, whilst also adding that extra little incentive to shop with you.

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