Item List

Unhidden Clothing

A collection of adaptive clothing for people with disabilities. Committed to making fashion more accessible, and providing those with disabilities and chronic illnesses with more style choices.

Seated Sewing

A homegrown business where the designer “got it” when it came to adaptive products and accessories. Kat knows first-hand some of the complicating factors of disability that needed a solution. All of their products have been designed and road-tested by Kat, and they actively encourage feedback from clients to refine what they offer.

Cera Cotton

Cera Cotton is a homeware and lifestyle brand supplying a range of non-plastic water resistant textile
products for everyday life. Their aim is to provide consumers with plastic-free, waterproof
alternatives to assist in everyday life. Products are useful, beautiful, and thoughtfully designed, making the switch to biodegradable alternatives not only easy, but inspiring.

Eleanor Baggaley Author

Children's wellbeing book author who writes educational stories created to support children's mental wellbeing, encouraging them to dream big. Supporting Inclusion and families who face adversity.

Staithes Cafe

Community centred Cafe based in Gateshead. Supporting local supply chains and businesses, and selling ethically sourced produce. Staithes Cafe also support local creatives, employment opportunities, as well as protecting their neighbouring community.

Smart Way to Start

Empowering parents to help children develop good money habits that will shape their financial future. They want both girls and boys to become financially confident and literate so the next generation can enter the workforce on equal terms, equipped with the money skills for life and empowered to create a sustainable future.

Engage Self Confidence

Engage Self-Confidence with Mayira. Life coaching that offers careers and self confidence coaching, for young people and beyond to help them transfer from dependency to independency.

Mayira’s aim is to build confidence, give careers advice to young people, support their families and help young people navigate through life. Being a teenager or a young adult can be a confusing time of life, and Mayira stresses it is important to not tell them what to do, but to give them the skills and empower them to move forward and achieve their goals.

CE Change

Ethical business processes and operations consultancy. Helping you to find sustainable business solutions.


Ethical children's clothes and toys. Sells organic clothing and sustainably made toys designed to last.