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Unhidden Clothing

A collection of adaptive clothing for people with disabilities. Committed to making fashion more accessible, and providing those with disabilities and chronic illnesses with more style choices.

Seated Sewing

A homegrown business where the designer “got it” when it came to adaptive products and accessories. Kat knows first-hand some of the complicating factors of disability that needed a solution. All of their products have been designed and road-tested by Kat, and they actively encourage feedback from clients to refine what they offer.

Just Williams Ltd.

A sales outsourcing company based in Stockton on Tees, in the Tees Valley; Just Williams provides a wide range of services to businesses from across the country to help their businesses grow. Just Williams Ltd also owns and operates The Just Williams Sales Academy which trains delegates in sales techniques to up skill and develop staff from businesses from across the region.

Access HR

Access HR will work with you and your team to provide the tools, methods and training materials to help you get the best out of your people. Through her work, Georgia challenges the normal perceptions of HR, and instead wants to use her services to create strong working relationship between employers and employees, based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect.

Altruis Living

Altruis Living provides natural, ethical wellbeing products with personalised, prescriptive advice. Using their holistic therapy background, they match the correct products to your condition or emotions, taking away the guesswork and overwhelm of choice and give you natural, enjoyable solutions to provide results.

Amazing Jane Activewear

Amazing Jane's innovative women's activewear collection has helped thousands of women to gain confidence when working out. The innovative collection embodies the ethos of the owners Claire and Deb who launched Amazing Jane to empower women to lead healthy, active, and confident lifestyles through the power of clothing using the science of Enclothed Cognition.

Amy Purdie | Logo Designer & Brand Explorer

Amy Purdie is your Brand Explorer and expert in all things brand strategy. Amy takes the time to understand your business, and works as your branding guide to help you stay on track. ⁠She also supports local creatives in her supply chain by working with North East freelancers and recommending local photographers and printing companies. ⁠She makes her services accessible to charities by offering 5 charities free places in her Brand Success Club, and providing a 15% discount for charities looking to experience her Brand Adventure. ⁠

Anke Rainbow Art & Jewellery

Anke Rainbow works hard to make their business as kind as possible, by ⁠recycling as much material as possible, reusing packaging to send products to customers, buying metal off cuts to use in her work⁠, using preloved maps in some of her pieces, and reusing all plastic where possible. And above all, Anke is super kind and friendly to all of her customers! ⁠

Create Intrigue

Ann English is on a mission to empower trailblazing founders, coaches and creators to breath life into their
valuable ideas. Transforming Dreamers into a Doers to to take impactful action and realise their vision, because everything starts with an IDEA, and an idea can change EVERYTHING... your idea can change the world! Ann uses her technique to create VisualDoodles which communicates your transformational story and client journey, or to reveal the ideas behind why you do what you do. DO: VisualMarketing(tm) presents your Brand, Products and Services professionally by learning visual merchandising principles which apply to both the real and digital world. Ann teaches you the secret silent strategies big brand use to create intrigue and engage you as a customer which boosts sales.

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