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We have even more businesses joining our family, following the unveil of the initial 5.... The latest business to join Kind Currency can now be unveiled as CE Change Ltd.

Run by Cara Halliwell, the business with purpose specialises in operational change, creating lasting processes, people and performance change in a sustainable way.

Cara met Kind Currency founder and owner Michelle Jones at a Northern Powerhouse event, and later looked her and Kind Currency up on LinkedIn. Seeing the case studies of other founding businesses who are joining the Kind Currency family, Cara said she immediately saw an alignment between herself and these businesses in taking responsibility seriously.

The relationship between Cara and Michelle grew as they got to know each other and now Michelle is delighted to introduce CE Change Ltd as a company that will be offering benefits to the membership base when it launches later this year. Michelle said:

“I love how Cara, and the work she does, carries the message that it matters what we do and it matters how we do it. She works closely with all her clients looking at ethical, intelligent and long-lasting ways to implement change for the better. It is not just about finding solutions but about finding the right route to those solutions. She will also step outside of her client base to offer advice and guidance, a truly kind and responsible way to operate!”

Cara, who creates courses, content and support for all size of businesses has a real passion for responsibility and helps her clients feel that passion too. She said:

“On hearing about Kind Currency I just loved that it was a vehicle to support local need. The idea of making ethical buying choices easier to find is genius – as a consumer I try my best to buy sustainably so know there is a great audience out there to be members.

“Michelle’s enthusiasm is infectious, and it is refreshing to meet others that believe that an ideal world is a business that can be profitable so it can do good.”

As part of her commitment to Kind Currency, Cara is offering her services to businesses that are not quite ready to be part of the Kind Currency family. She continued:

“If a business is keen to be involved but hasn’t quite found its purpose or its ethical voice yet, then I can work with them to improve their processes and ways of working so they have their organic and true values ready for Kind Currency involvement. Sometimes these changes can be small tweaks that make a huge difference!”

More information on joining Kind Currency can be received by emailing – you can contact Cara if you want support in finding your purpose by visiting

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