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Kind Currency takes a step-forward in the Start-up Journey

And it is super exciting!

As we announced the founding businesses in the Kind Currency community on 14th June, it was also the beginning of ‘Small Charity Week’. In May I chatted about ‘why’ Kind Currency, explaining ‘I want to enable good things happen to good people’ by providing thanks to those individuals and causes society depends upon.

Small charities and the people who are part of that family are the glue that holds our society together, the Covid pandemic absolutely brought home the power of this sector, so it is crucial to our welfare that we protect, sustain, and celebrate the sector and the wonderfully kind people within it. We announced the very first founding business to the Kind Currency community on the Monday and by the Friday we had announced the first five to join us in creating an economy of kindness. As you read Northern Insight today, we will have welcomed more businesses into our family.

A community of businesses delivering products and services with purpose and value, helping us as consumers make kinder life-style choices and become more conscious with our consumerism. A community of businesses ready for you to shop kind. Working together as a community to protect, sustain and celebrate one another with the shared goal of creating a kindness fund.

The kindness fund will support the individuals that make up the small charity sector by investing in the kind people and causes, helping to close the disadvantaged gaps and provide opportunities to create a fairer, more inclusive life for all.

The businesses I want to celebrate today are those first five businesses, they understand the importance of kindness and community and are delivering business with purpose, putting people and planet before profit. Doing good, to do well.

In no order the Kind Currency community is delighted to welcome:

  • Powder Butterfly, owned by Corinne LewisWard, producer of quality British gifts.

  • Eleanor Baggaley Author, creator of children’s mental wellbeing books, encouraging kindness and inclusion.

  • Practically Positive, a place to learn practical techniques to give you courage to shine with the wonderful Sarah Jane.

  • Cascade Cash Management offers a unique online savings portal, led by Dr. Emma Black. The Staiths Café, a social community hub run by Husband & Wife team, Suzie and Mark.

Each of these local businesses not only deliver business with purpose but they invest their time and energy into creating a difference for good through their own personal ethos. Behind the local ethical businesses are individuals and families with their own stories, facing their own challenges.

By supporting their businesses, we not only sustain their offer, but we impact their lives directly and the lives of people in the community around them.

As we progress forward Kind Currency will share with you, their stories, their purpose, their products and services and their offers to pay kindness forward in the community that is Kind Currency.

Kind Currency is about real people, real lives, and real change.

Michelle Jones, Founder of Kind Currency,, 07751 564 684.



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