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Margaret Rose Events

Another exciting business is joining Kind Currency, the Community Interest Company, and this time founder Michelle Jones, says it is a lady who has been her inspiration!

Jane Morland, owner of Margaret Rose Events is excited to support Michelle’s new kind venture as she says it fits her own personal beliefs to a tee and is a great way to support individuals as well as businesses of every size.

Jane and Michelle met through networking several years ago and in Jane’s words “just clicked”. Even though they are in the same industry, there was no competitiveness, just support and encouragement for each other. Jane, who says it is a choice she makes every day to care and be caring, follows the way she was brought up by her parents – to share and always put others first.

Sadly, Jane, whose company is named after her mother, lost both her parents to Covid-19 at Christmas last year within nine days of each other, and she says she is doing this for them. She said:

“My upbringing by very caring parents was to be kind and inspire others to be the same. One of my best memories is raising money on a walk with them to buy a girl a wheelchair who was very poorly. They taught me that the best feeling in life is the warm feeling you get when you have helped someone or done something good. I carry that with me every day and everything I do is grounded in that. I believe that people’s paths cross for a reason and am flattered to be called an inspiration by a lady like Michelle, who herself is so true to life, with the kindest heart and the warmest vibe. I am so excited to be part of this and can’t wait to see how many people we can make happy or help succeed! It’s going to be huge!”

Michelle said:

“To have Jane and her company Margaret Rose Events as part of what we are doing is so exciting. She has been through the toughest of times but still thinks of others. What an amazing lady and a true inspiration to us all!”

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