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Eleanor Baggaley

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

One of the first five founding businesses to pledge support and involvement to Kind Currency is children’s author, Eleanor Baggaley.

Eleanor’s delighted to join Kind Currency to support a venture that has the heart of the community in its actions and a bid to do good. In her previous career as a teacher, Eleanor became very aware of the difficulties that children and their families can face.

Now a mum herself to three children, Eleanor has written four books that focus on helping children grow their personal and emotional development, empowering them to overcome adversity and encouraging them to dream big, following their hearts.

In becoming an author of children’s books, Eleanor has created her own business with purpose, and she hopes that by being a founding member she can spread the word on her books further to help more families overcome difficult obstacles and struggles in life, together.

Her four books are inspired by children Maya, Oscar and Ava. Ava the Mermaid, Oscar the Dragon and Maya the Unicorn. Each one focuses on emotions, healthy mindset, positive mental wellbeing, inclusion and kindness. Eleanor said:

“Kind Currency embodies what is missing from the consumer options at the moment. Those with a will to do good, kind things need a place to go to find the right retailers, and the way Kind Currency then raises funds for good causes is just perfect. I am delighted to be a founding business and can’t wait to put together some great packages on my books and the matching merchandise. The more people we can collectively help, the better.”

Set up by Michelle Jones, Kind Currency is piloting in the North East from later this year, bringing together conscious consumers and businesses with purpose. The funds raised from the small subscription fee paid by consumers to be members will raise funds for charities in the region. Michelle said:

“I am over the moon that Eleanor Baggaley is joining us as a founding business. Her books do so much good for families, helping them refocus together on common and not-so-common issues. The more people that her books reach, the better.”

If you are a business with purpose in the North East, get in touch with Michelle at You can find out more about Eleanor’s books in the meantime at

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