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Practically Positive

One of the region’s newest businesses to focus on positivity, mental health and wellbeing has announced that they are to be one of the founding companies to get involved with Kind Currency.

Sarah Jane Phelps, the owner behind Practically Positive, has agreed to offer packages on both her individual and her group sessions through the Kind Currency app when it launches later this year.

When the pandemic hit, Sarah knew her thriving nail company would be put on hold for a while, so she looked for other ways to make women (and men) feel good about themselves. Having experienced counselling herself and as a 40 something single mum Sarah has had her fair share of adversity and difficult challenges. Whilst struggling with anxiety, she looked for ways to help herself and fell for the power of positivity.

If you need to learn to let go of things you can’t control, and take back control on things you can, then Practically Positive in every way is for you.

When Sarah met Michelle from Kind Currency, she instantly knew that this was something she wanted to be on board with. She said:

“I love the idea of using kindness as a currency. Paying It Forward is a passion of mine, and I fully believe the more we give, the more we get back! In life, we should all focus who and when we can help next and to get the chance to promote that in a business environment means you are talking to the right audience.

"Kind Currency will give me personal satisfaction that I am helping raise funds and putting valued based offers in front of those who need my services, whilst also offering me a chance to raise my brand awareness, so I can reach more people. It is great to know that it may lead to me being able to help someone who otherwise might not have been able to access my services!”

Michelle from Kind Currency said:

“Businesses who join the Kind Currency family do not just have to be retailers or food outlets etc… services to people are just as important and have a strong purpose in our local community. Sarah joining means that our members have access to one of the region’s leading practitioner’s in mindfulness where practical techniques will grow courage, resilience and positivity.”

To join your business to Kind Currency please contact

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