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The Staiths Cafe

As promised here is the start of the unveiling of our first five businesses:

Taking pride of place in the line-up of the first five founding businesses of Kind Currency is one amazing café and venue.

Kind Currency is delighted to unveil The Staith’s Café as joining the family of kindness.

Owner of The Staiths Cafe Suzie Hutton, is one of the most purpose driven individuals that the Kind Currency owner Michelle Jones has ever met. What is now the café was the first building on a derelict site which has become an established housing development. Placed originally as a sales office, the building was promised to the community on completion of build of the development, and the community voted they wanted a café.

The now thriving local area’s residents access The Staith’s Café as a local shop and social hub as events are held regularly. Regional artists and designers also display their art there and the café employs people who live on the estate. The Staith’s Café has become the heart and hub of the Staith’s Southbank, and is child, cyclist and dog friendly.

Suzie and her husband Mark have now also moved the estate, so the customer’s are their friends and neighbours which has made it much about giving back for the couple. Suzie said:

“Paying it forward is the most important thing any business owner can do. We often have charity events, donate prizes and always try to not work in silo – that’s why Kind Currency appeals to us. I love the whole concept and get a real buzz from doing good, so we couldn’t wait to sign up. Michelle’s energy is second to none and anyone who wants to increase their purpose and the number of people they will help, should get involved!”

If you have a business where you can offer the members of Kind Currency some value whilst helping the local community thrive with donations then get in touch to join up on

Information on the amazing Staith’s Café is available at

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