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Dead Good

Katy Vigurs

Death Education & End of Life Planning. Dead Good strive for their work to be environmentally conscious, inventive, participative, design-led and always deeply personalised. They do death positive work. For them, death is not taboo. Their practice is open and compassionate about all things death and dying. They work with the living, the dying and the dead; with individuals, families, groups and organisations. They will support you to participate creatively, emotionally and physically in tailoring your own meaningful farewells, rituals and legacy projects.

Kind Action

We promote and support environmentally friendly endings. We raise awareness and build knowledge about the ecological impact of society’s choices in death.

We won't produce resources or products that contradict our eco-conscious values. We use like-minded local producers (such as to make our merch, and only print on demand as and when we need stock. We pro-actively choose recycled, recyclable, plastic-free, animal-free, organic whenever and wherever we can.

As feminists, both founders of DEAD GOOD want to welcome and connect with kindred folx. We are both neurodivergent individuals and will show up authentically and respectfully in our work. We will hold a safe space for everyone who would like to work with us. We work to promote equitable access to death positive resources and discussion. We are committed to our own learning and acknowledging our privilege.
DEAD GOOD is a lively social enterprise that is part of a growing death positive community around the world. We want to be a hub of education, discussion, campaigning, support and change. We want to empower people to plan for their deaths, to talk about dying and to normalise it as a human experience.
We are currently registering as a CIC.

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