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Our Kind Partners

We're passionate about connecting with other businesses who are working towards shared goals, such as:

  • Protecting people 

  • Protecting the environment 

  • Supporting small businesses

  • Giving back to the local community

  • Purpose- driven and value-led

Meet some of the kind businesses we've joined forces with so far... 

Fancy joining them to work in collaboration with Kind Currency? 

Get in touch with Team Kind, and let's find out how we can work together!

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Mayfli has been created to make a change to put small business owners at the heart of Ecommerce. They nurture the businesses and the business owner, providing so much more than an online selling facility, they will be an abundance of opportunity to benefit small businesses and the people within them.

Mayfli is an affiliate partner. All our Kind Businesses receive a discounted affiliate link for their own onlind shop and website. Mayfli will make a donation to The Kindness Fund with each link actioned.

We also work in partnership with Mayfli to host Kind Gatherings, a programme of networking opportunities for kind, local small and creative businesses in the North East. 

Roadmap MBA

The startup bringing FREE business education to the world. Their mission is making business education and training accessible for 5 billion people. A good business education can help almost everyone and we're building something which gives the complete roadmap to grow your business or career, as an alternative to a traditional MBA based on real world skills, designed for people with passion not privilege.

Roadmap MBA are supporting our Kind Business Club by providing FREE access to their online course for every business we verify as kind!


Cascade Cash Management

Cascade Cash Management provides independent and unbiased cash solutions for corporations, businesses, charities, but above all, people. ⁠

They’re driven by their core values: ⁠

  • Integrity & Trust ⁠

  • Authenticity & Substance ⁠

  • Simplicity & Responsiveness ⁠

  • Creativity & Innovation ⁠

  • Passion & Commitment⁠

We were thrilled that Cascade cash management decided to support our 2022 Kind Christmas Market as a sponsor. ⁠

Sweeney Miller Law

Based in the North East, Sweeney Miller Law provides legal services to both individuals and businesses. ⁠⁠
“We work hard to build trust and give you confidence in what we do. With greater confidence comes peace of mind; we are committed to taking the stress and worry out of your legal matters” ⁠

Sweeney Miller Law very kindly sponsored our Kind Christmas Market, allowing us to support local businesses and the community at Christmas time. 


Play It Green


Play It Green is an award-winning sustainability company that helps people, businesses, and the sports sector do more for the climate through its unique 3-step solution: Reduce, Repair, Regive. They provide advice and support to help people reduce their carbon footprint whilst making a positive environmental and social impact by planting trees where they are needed most and giving back to good causes, chosen by their members. 

We're working in partnership with Play It Green to support businesses in becoming kinder to the environment by making accessible and sustainable changes to their operations.

As an affiliate partner, Play It Green, supports our Kindness Fund by offering support to our Kind Business Club.


OHANA is a platform that helps businesses access new customers who have already shopped with similar or complementary brands. 

They’re here to facilitate purpose driven brand partnerships at scale to all businesses, through the power of collaboration. 

Kind Businesses within the Kind Currency community can access the benefits of the OHANA software, through working together using your website checkout receipt page. From there, businesses can choose the purpose driven brands they want to partner with and give and get referrals from each other.



Nucha Badge (1).jpg

Nucha is on a mission to build the ultimate marketplace for charity supporters, circularity lovers and sustainable fashion advocates.


More than that, they want to achieve all of this whilst getting people addicted to donating to good causes. Thanks to their Minimum Donation principle, each and every transaction generates funds for a worthy cause.


For both Kind Currency and Nucha, the fight against fast fashion starts with spreading the word about the Kind Businesses that put people and planet above unnecessary profit. The more businesses that we can support, spotlight and celebrate, the stronger the precedent and urgency for a different way of consuming and doing business is set.

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