There is a significant imbalance within society, an imbalance that needs to be challenged.
As a community, we can work together to disrupt and change the world for good.

Our Story

That old saying, 'why do bad things happen to good people' should have no place in today's world.


We believe that GOOD THINGS should happen to GOOD PEOPLE.


As a society we depend on our charity and voluntary workers, our care and NHS workers and armed forces.


Billions of pounds are contributed to the economy every year by these kind, and their acts of kindness going on to change, and often save, people's lives. The pandemic exposed our vast dependence on them and how greatly we need them 


Many of the people who gift this kindness to our communities are the 15.3m living in poverty, or the 22% of adults classed as disadvantaged. Whilst they are making our lives better protecting people and planet, they are struggling, facing their own adversities and not receiving any kindness in their own lives.


We are responsible for ensuring Human Kind is protected, and that the kindest of people feel the benefits of the kindness they put out in the world. We realised we could help those that help others by creating an economy of kindness.

At the same time we appreciate that kindness is needed to protect the world we live in. Our home Planet Earth is dying due to our overconsumption and our lifestyle choices. We need to act now to future proof the planet, our children and future generations.


Kind Currency provides shoppers with the opportunity to make kinder lifestyle choices through our membership community, which makes it easier for them to support local ethical businesses. We also support these businesses by celebrating their stories, their mission, and connecting them directly with an audience ready to shop kind.

At Kind Currency, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause.

Meet our Founder

Michelle Jones


“I live my life with 4 values; Kindness, Hope, Gratitude & Community. These values have been born from facing my own adversity.


I am a Mam and a homemaker, I've been self-employed for 14 years in both the care and creative sector. I have had several charity and voluntary roles including being Chair of a charity for 10 years and in school governance for over a decade.


My focus has always been on closing the disadvantaged gap, inclusion and equality. I also manage several chronic illnesses and invisible disabilities including mental health illness. I've seen life in the darkest of moments, where I just existed, to today were I use my experience to create change and support others; this also helps me when I am struggling with symptoms and their effect on my world.


I have lived a life under the poverty line, skipping meals, using credit to pay for essential bills and preventing access to treatment not available from the NHS, with employment seriously impacted by disability and being self-employed in a sector that doesn't value people, working at time two or three roles to get by. The idea for Kind Currency came from sadness, anger, shame and frustration.


Everyday I see good, kind people protecting people and society that are struggling with adversity and living in deprivation with no support or help. And I also witness greed take advantage of kindness, abuse their privilege creating dangerous impact.

 We live in a society that has put profit before people and the planet. It's not fair, and I can do something about it, to level up the kindness, by fighting the poverty crisis with climate action.

Protecting our society and our home.”

Powered by Purposeful Partners


Mayfli has been created to make a change and lead with kindness. Racheal and her life and business partner Mark are on a mission to create the first person-centred marketplace; an ecommerce company that helps small businesses, providing them with a safe place to sell. They want to nurture the businesses and the people within the business, they will be providing so much more than an online selling facility, they will be an abundance of opportunity to benefit small businesses and the people within them.

The Good Work Pledge

The Good Work Pledge works to make poor employment a thing of the past, and good work the norm. Through the scheme the good can stand up and be counted, and others can get on the journey to making the necessary improvements. unfairness.

The Good Work Pledge supports the Kind Currency mission to create an economy of kindness to protect people and the planet.