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The Kindness Fund

Kind People need help.

Let us introduce you to Jessica...

  • Jessica is an Auxiliary Nurse.

  • Jessica is a mum of 3, with one child who is Autistic.

  • Jessica volunteers in her community, using what little she has to help others.

  • Jessica has anxiety and depression.

  • Jessica is living on the poverty line, frequently going home with a food bank parcel.

We depend on Jessica's kindness, and there are millions of others just like her who don’t receive the thanks for the work they do. 


As it stands, there are 14.4 million people just like Jessica living in poverty in the UK.

60% of our working population can’t meet the rising cost of living. 


Our Planet is Dying.

Prioritising unnecessary profit is costing us the earth. 


Unsustainable habits, mindset, and business practices are draining the world of its precious resources, with no thought given to what we leave behind for future generations. 


  • We’ve only got 8 years left to save the world. 

  • And only 10 years until we hit a complete climate catastrophe. 

  • By 2050, over a third of the world’s species will be extinct 

  • As of May 2023, 40 countries have declared a climate emergency. 

  • 62% of adults in Great Britain suspect that rising temperatures will affect their health and wellbeing. 

The Kindness Fund supports people and planet to create a kinder world for us all.

Case study: The Kind Christmas Market

Find out how we threw an event that: 


  • Generated £250 for the Kindness Fund 

  • Supported 20 disadvantaged families 

  • Donated £100 to Northern Forest Appeal & The Woodland Trust

  • Created £7,875 of income within the local North East economy

What can you do to create even more Kindness

Are you a kind person?

Are you a business that protects people and planet? 

Want to support The Kindness Fund today! 


Want to be part of events like the Kind Christmas Market?

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