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Let us introduce you to Jessica...

Let us introduce you to Jessica.


Jessica is an Auxiliary Nurse in the RVI Newcastle.

Jessica is a Mum of three, with one child who is Autistic.

Jessica has anxiety and depression.

Jessica is living in deprivation.

Jessica volunteers in her local community.

Jessica uses what little she has to pay it forward to others.

Jessica is kind.

Jessica gives so much of her time and energy to others, doing what she can to make a difference.


But Jessica is living on the poverty line, frequently going home with a food bank parcel to feed her family.


Do you believe Jessica's situation is acceptable?


We depend on Jessica's kindness, and millions of others like Jessica as a society. We hold the power to protect people like Jessica. And we can create this change through The Kindness Fund. The Kindness Fund celebrates and supports people like Jessica by providing opportunities and resources to remove their disadvantage barriers, overcome their adversities and help them enjoy a kinder standard of living.


We are rewarding kindness with kindness, to reduce the poverty rate.

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