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Corporate Kindness

Helping big business to ‘Get Kind’

We support organisations to action their corporate social responsibility and demonstrate how they are achieving Environment, Social and Governance requirements.


We’re a disruptive presence that encourages larger businesses to think about the permutations and real life implications of their decisions. Where lots of businesses will be tempted to fix quick-wins and treat the symptoms of the problem, we bring the focus of these processes back to the end user, and ensure that real human life is being protected throughout. 


Helping bigger businesses turn their action into kindness, with practical solutions that put people back at the heart of what you do. 

Here’s how we can work together to bring kindness back to the way you do business


Hire Michelle as a Speaker

Hire our Founder and Guardian of Kindness, Michelle Jones, as a speaker to discuss


  • Kind Values.

  • The importance of kind action.

  • How kindness can resolve any problem.

  • What type of human you want to be.

  • How the focus of all problem solving should be on the human life impacted by the solution.


Kindness lends itself to any topic or problem, and the content of Michelle’s talk can be tailored to fit the key interests of your attendees. Through this talk, Michelle will bring a disruptive injection of kindness at your event or on your panel. We want to talk to your audiences about the messages of kindness, and plant a seed that evokes real change.

Critical Friend

A kind approach to your big problems.


Are you tasked with creating a solution for a problem that affects people and/or the planet?


Kind Currency can help your organisation as a critical friend. Our disruptive but kind support, helps you create change-making solutions that deliver real impact to the people your business was designed to support, not just your stakeholders.


We don’t treat the symptoms, we work with kind values to eradicate the problem.


Chat to us about your needs, tell us your problem and we will create a plan of kind action. We can present to teams, work with teams, work one-to-one and validate your solution.

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Kind Events

Do you want to create a ripple of kindness at your event/festival?


Kind Currency can create kind activities aligned with your purpose and plant a seed of kind action to create a legacy.


Our Founder can participate in panels, discussions and presentations to evoke kind thoughts and solutions.


Inject disruptive kindness to create real change-making actions.


Fees for the above services are provided upon request as they are based on your specific needs, location and time.

Kind Sponsorship & Partnerships

We have a whole host of kind sponsorship and partnership opportunities available across our kind community.


As a kind sponsor or partner you will, directly and indirectly, achieve at least 6 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and support your ESG strategy as you will be able to demonstrate how you are putting your goals into action and making real impact. 

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The UN 17 SDS Global Goals

How what we do supports the big picture.

We're big believers in the idea that everyday small actions of kindness create ripple effects of positive change in the world. Everything we do at Kind Currency is ultimately driven by achieving the UN 17 SDG Global Goals. So, when you support Kind Currency, you'll be changing the world, one kind action at a time. 

Are you a large business or organisation? Working with Kind Currency also supports your CSR and ESG goals too, and helps highlight to your audience just how seriously you take the protection of both people and planet. 

Take a look at the UN 17 SDG Global Goals we're supporting through what we do. 

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