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Just Jack Counselling Services

Jack English

I am Front Line War Veteran turned with a BA (Hons) degree in counselling, passionate about helping others, reducing Mental Health Stigma and saving lives. I go above and beyond for my clients as my reviews will prove.

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From being a Front Line War Veteran to becoming a Person Centred counsellor with a BA (Hons) degree, it's fair to say Jack is not your stereotypical counsellor. He's straight talking and passionate about helping people with whatever issue they maybe facing. He doesn't judge people and has had his own challenges to overcome, hence becoming a counsellor. He's worked as a Counsellor and as a Support Worker for several charities/companies for several years and has a proven track record. He's had the honour to work with people of all backgrounds ranging from, War Veterans of all ages struggling with an array of issues to young people (13+) in the care system. Whatever the issue, background, gender or age, Jack is here for YOU.

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