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Just Williams Ltd.

Jessica Williams

A sales outsourcing company based in Stockton on Tees, in the Tees Valley; Just Williams provides a wide range of services to businesses from across the country to help their businesses grow. Just Williams Ltd also owns and operates The Just Williams Sales Academy which trains delegates in sales techniques to up skill and develop staff from businesses from across the region.

Kind Action

Sustainability is at the core of their activities. This team are driven by their mission of being the leader of purposeful sales and marketing solutions; facilitating change in Businesses and Communities, for sustainable, transformational growth across the globe. They're passionate about creating sustainable business growth and visibility through unique sales and marketing solutions. They empower a collaborative and transformational approach for the betterment of our partners, communities and planet. Their purpose is to help create sustainable businesses through encouraging a local supply chain, supporting the local community and making a difference in every encounter.

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