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Meraki Chocolate Ltd, trading as Meraki Cacao

Vicky Armitage

We make a healthier alternative to mass produced chocolate using slave free raw cacao. We only use organic, nutritious and unrefined ingredients. Our naturally flavoured bars are inspired by travel we have done or would like to do, so we hope they invoke happy memories of your own. We hand make all our bars from individual ingredients in small batches using a stone grinder. We are proud to have won awards from The Nourish Awards and The Academy of Chocolate Awards for our products. We were also delighted to have recently featured on The Hairy Biker's Go Local Series on BBC 2.

Kind Action

I source organic, sustainably grown cacao nibs, grown in an agroforestry system which does not destroy existing forests for a cacao crop. My supplier works with local cooperatives who grow the cacao in the Amazon region of Peru. We are proudly listed on the slave free chocolate website. All my other ingredients are organic and I get my sweetener, Palmyra Blossom Nectar from a company called SugaVida ( who work with local communities in Sri Lanka to produce this organic product in a sustainable and fair way. I subscribe to Ecologi and pay monthly to support environment projects across the world. I try to be as sustainable as possible and use packaging which can be recycled. My labels are printed on recycled paper using vegetable based inks.

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