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How do you support society?

Northern Talent

Kim Walker

I started a Digital Marketing and Tech recruitment company with my business partner. I had the vision that I, coming from industry and not as a recruiter, that we would be able to change the toxic environment that plagues the mental health of so many. My first mistake was going into business with an old-school recuiter. I have managed to step away and begin my own recruitment journey on my terms. Supporting the whole sphere of candidates and ensuring that they're treated with absolute respect from start and into employment.

Kind Action

I'm too kind 🤣Or, so I'm told. I don't know? I just think about everyone and everything. I'm an old soul empath who wants to see change in the world but also not. There are too many arseholes in the world as it is. I wanted to be involved in Kind Currency a year ago but I knew we weren't ready.

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