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Troody Scrumptious

Sarah Trood

Sarah Trood is the owner of Troody Scrumptious, Sarah is born & bred in Northumberland & started her business after being diagnosed with Endometriosis and Ulcerative colitis. She is well aware of the challenges people face in employment and found herself loving working for herself to get around the challenges her disabilities throw at her. Sarah was also aware of the challenges the planet is facing with climate change and wanted her business to be sustainable from the outset meaning everything done with the business has a meaning. Coupled with Sarah's love of musical theatre and all things Stage & Film, Troody Scrumptious was born.

Kind Action

The material Sarah uses to create her pieces is Jesmonite, this is a Gypsum and pure water based acrylic mix, each item can be reused and recycled and Sarah offers a recycle scheme so that items can be recycled to avoid landfill. As well as the material Sarah uses being sustainable Sarah plants a tree with every order and gives the option to donate to Endometriosis UK at the checkout. The packaging used is recyclable and the paper is acid free. Sarah also reuses packaging donated by another local business which they have received from deliveries and where available purchases her materials and other packaging locally to minimise her impact on the planet. Sarah also won the Ecologi 'for our planet' Bronze award 2024 and is a Small Business Sunday Winner. Sarah isn't just planet-friendly, she is an active fundraiser personally and through the business Sarah fundraises for numerous hidden disabilities to find cures and raise awareness.

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Where To Find?

The General Store at The Mill, Allendale

The Gift Pod, Morpeth

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