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Zenoté Handmade

Andrea Beatie

Zenoté consciously create vegan soaps, shampoos and bath products with the environment very much at its heart. Wife and husband team Andrea and Neil make everything in small batches always vegan, plastic & palm oil free and only using the purest essential oils.

Kind Action

Zenoté actually came about off the back of watching a documentary about plastic pollution. Like so many others, we were deeply affected by what we saw on the BBC Blue Planet 2 series and immediately looked at the changes we could make in our home to help combat the problem.

The name Zenoté (/Zen-oh-tay/) combines the word Cenote, a Mayan word meaning ‘well.’ which are sacred spiritual places in the Yucatan, and Zen meaning peaceful and calm. We hope to bring that feeling of Zen when you use our soaps.

We have worked with the Hygiene bank in Newcastle, the former North East Homeless Hub :( as well as other charities for LBGTQ and Refugees. We often have spare soaps for donation and would love to share them with as many people as possible. We also support Surfers Against Sewage as part of our environmental so close to the sea we see first hand how important it is to protect it.

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