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A User's Guide to Privilege.

Getting over the discomfort of being labelled as privileged, and using your power for good.

Let’s cut the crap.

Over the past few years, it feels like being labelled as a person with privilege was something people we’re trying bitterly to avoid.

It’s time to set the record straight.

Being privileged isn’t a bad thing.

Acting like you aren’t when you are, is.

When someone calls you privileged, they aren’t saying that you’ve never experienced a challenge or bad thing in your life. They’re saying that this didn’t happen to you because of who you are.

As activist Jayana Future Khan put it:

"Privilege isn't about what you've gone through; it's about what you haven't had to go through."

Still not 100% on what it actually means. Alrighty then, let’s get technical.

What is privilege?

Privilege is defined as the rights, advantages or immunity made available only to those in a particular group in society. These groups can be based on anything, and create a long list of different types of privileges.

We’re not going to get into all of them today, but as you look down the list, ask yourself how many of these types of privileges you think you benefit from in your life.

  • White privilege.

  • White passing privilege.

  • Religious privilege

  • Male, or Gender privilege.

  • Cisgender privilege.

  • Heterosexual privilege

  • Socio-economic privilege.

  • Able-bodied.

  • Geographical privilege.

  • Pretty privilege.

  • Thin privilege.

See, there are loads.

So while you may not have ticked every single one of these boxes, chances are that you are a privileged person in at least one way.

There. We said it.

You have privilege.

I have privilege.

Each of us has privilege.

But when used in the right way, privilege shouldn’t be something that you try to hide or are ashamed of.

Why privilege is actually a pretty great thing to have.

Congratulations. Now that you’re comfortable with admitting how privileged you actually are, you now qualify for this pretty cool group: The Human-Kind Club

The Human-Kind Club is for anyone who can use their privilege to address the imbalance of rights and advantages that they’ve enjoyed, making them accessible to others who’ve been prevented from benefiting from these systems.

As soon as you’ve gotten comfortable with the fact that you are a privileged person, it becomes a whole lot easier to make real change where it’s needed.

How can I use my privilege to make change?

Privilege can be most effectively used by identifying the following:

  • Who gets f*cked over by the same systems that benefit you?

  • What does them getting f*cked over look like?

Once you’ve got the answers to these two questions, then you can start to think about the advocating, supporting and championing you can do to make real change.

So, let’s recap: How to use your privilege.

  1. Accept that you are privileged. Because let’s face it, in whatever way, you do have privilege.

  2. Identify the groups that have been denied access to the opportunities and advantages that your privilege has granted you.

  3. Think about what not being able to access these advantages looks like in real terms.

  4. Work out the things you can do to support those people. Whether that’s by donating to worthy causes or being an active ally, there’s something everyone can do to redistribute their power and privilege to those that need it.

Ready to use your privilege for good?

Sign up to join our Human-Kind Club waiting list. We’ll make it easy for you to use your privilege to support those in society that need it most. AND, once our new platform is up and running you’ll receive rewards and opportunities based on your kind action.



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