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Defining Kindness: How to tell if you’re a kind human

Saying nice things about ourselves can be hard sometimes.

The British have always been good at avoiding praise, dismissing compliments, chalking achievements and good deeds up to luck and circumstance instead of our own abilities. Arguably one of the most difficult things to say about ourselves is how kind we are.

But if you’re reading this article, whether you’ve stumbled across Kind Currency or been sent this by a friend, it’s probably the truth. Face it, you’re a Kind Human!

For those that struggle to give themselves the label of ‘Kind Person’ in particular, Kind Currency is here to give you that label for you to wear as a badge of honour. We’re looking for Kind Consumers to join our Kind Currency community. A Kind Currency membership not only provides you with the opportunity to be kind to others, but also to be a conscious consumer.

Want to find out more about what makes a Kind Currency consumer? Keep on reading!

Someone who uses their privilege to support others

Defined as acts of generosity, consideration and concern for others, kindness is arguably best measured by the impact on other people. People who make kind decisions do so in the understanding that they probably won’t see the benefit of their kind deed. They also understand that any position of status or privilege, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, is an opportunity to pay it forward and support someone who is going without.

That’s why Kind Currency consumers only have to contribute £5 a month in order to access exclusive deals and discounts at Kind Businesses. For those of us who are in the privileged position to be able to set aside this monthly £5, Kind Consumers know that their donation has done more than just allow them to support local businesses, they’ve also donated to the Kindness Fund: a charity fund that provides opportunities to kind people who might be struggling or facing their own challenges.

Someone who starts with change in their local area

While we all want to save the world through kindness and good deeds, Kind Humans know that some of the most powerful acts of kindness can be done at home: in your local area and community. During the pandemic the need to support local businesses was felt by all of us, as we all rallied around to show kindness to the organisations that make up our communities and support networks. Even though lockdown restrictions have eased, this desire to support local businesses has remained.

Someone who wants to do real good, and not just be seen to do good

Another common trait amongst Kind Human beings is the need to know that their actions are creating real good in the world. With the rise of things like greenwashing and virtue signalling, people are becoming increasingly more aware of the disparity between actions and words, particularly when it comes to larger organisations and businesses.

At Kind Currency, we make sure that your good deed goes the extra mile, meeting the needs of those in your community in need of real support. Not only will you be supporting local ethical businesses with your shopping, but your £5 monthly donation will be added to the Kindness Fund: providing opportunities to the kind people and causes in our society that are struggling.



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