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NEW PARTNERSHIP: Play it Green & Kind Currency

The demand for businesses and individuals to take proactive steps to protect the planet is becoming louder and louder. While almost all business owners understand the impact of their operations on the environment, not everyone has the knowledge, tools, or action plans to make this happen.

While Kind Currency is working to reward the businesses who are taking these steps, Play It Green works to provide simple and cost-effective ways for businesses, organisations and people to take the next step towards a more sustainable future. That’s why we’re delighted to be working in partnership with Play It Green as we work towards our shared mission of building a more sustainable world that protects both people and the planet.

Play It Green was created to provide a simple and cost-effective way for people, businesses, organisations and sports clubs to take their next step to a more sustainable future.

Founders Richard and Chris shared a vision for what this sustainable future should look like, as well as the belief that we can all make a difference to the state of the world through individual and collective action. All people need is the direction, tools and understanding to do so.

Coming from a background in psychology, Richard and (sports) Chris have used their behaviour change expertise to design a simple but inspirational 3-step solution to climate change.

Want to know what the 3 steps to change the world are?

1. Reduce Footprints.

Share tips and educate followers on the impact of their habits. Members receive a weekly, easy-to-implement sustainability tip that makes eco-friendly living seem that much more achievable. If you shift people’s mindset towards becoming conscious consumers rather than just unsustainable consumers, you’ll kick start that first stage of long-term behaviour change.

2. Repair the planet.

By offering a tree planting option for businesses and individuals, not only are consumers encouraged to rebalance their impact on the planet, but they also see the tangible effect of their actions on the environment and want to do more to reproduce that dopamine effect.

3. Re-give to charity.

10% of Play It Green’s turnover goes directly to a charity of the client’s choosing, completing the sustainable cycle of regeneration and sustainable education that Play It Green has created.

Whether it’s through anti-slavery policies, net zero frameworks, web page templates, or badges for workforces, Play It Green can provide businesses with the support and guidance they need to be able to make the change and become a sustainable business. All businesses need to do in order to access this support is sign up for monthly membership.

Why we’re working together.

As a fellow business driven by changing the status quo and putting people and planet back at the heart of business, we couldn’t be more excited to be working with Play It Green.

Play It Green is very much leading the way when it comes to ethical business practices. As founder Richard said:

“We are living our values, we want every level of our business to be real and honest and done in the right way.”

“We try to set an example, this is the way business should be done”.

Speaking on the partnership with Kind Currency, Richard said he was looking forward to seeing how the two communities can inspire and support each other on the path towards achieving a shared vision:

“The more people see relationships grow and communities grow, the more it empowers everyone.”

Make the Change Today.

As Richard quite rightly said, “Everyone can make a change.”

So go on, make the change.

Check out Play It Green and find out how your business can do more to reduce its impact on the environment.



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