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The world’s f*cked.

This is what we're doing to unf*ck it.

What a load of bullshit.

As society was on its knees in 2020, we relied on the brave and kind people in our community to do more than just keep us going, but to keep us alive and safe.

Many of us spent our lockdown months appreciating our local landscapes, all whilst massively reducing our impact on the environment. We were travelling less, consuming less, and it showed. There was even a pod of fucking dolphins spotted in the Venice canals the water was that clean!

But not even 3 years later and it seems like we’ve completely forgotten how reliant we are on both our natural world, and the kind people that keep it going.

The world’s fucked. And it’s bloody embarrassing to be living in a society that makes taking action feel difficult and pointless.

We all know we need to do something about it.

Everyone knows how much we owe kind people in our society. We were plenty happy to spend our Thursday nights in lockdown clapping for carers, throwing posters up all over the place thanking our NHS heroes.

But since the pandemic nurses have only received a 3% pay rise (barely covering rising cost of living crisis expenses), many of them forced to accept food bank parcels, despite working full time in one of the most essential roles in society.

That’s not to mention teachers, front line workers, university lecturers, care workers, and all the other professions that we rely on each day.

We know how much kind people deserve and we know our environment needs our help.

But kind intention isn't being matched by kind action.

So what are we supposed to do with all this frustration about how fucked the world is?

Want to get started? We’re here to cut through the shit.

Let’s turn fist shaking into change making.

We support people who are working hard to make a positive change by celebrating how fucking awesome they are, and rewarding the shit out of their kindness.

Actually, scratch that. We support more than just people.

We support kind businesses, kind causes and causes, all doing incredible shit to support their local communities, people in need, as well as protecting the environment along the way too.

We get shit like this done in two ways.

The Kind Business Club

WTF is that?!

The Kind Business Club basically does what it says on the tin: it’s a club for Kind Businesses.

But unlike another pretty well-known club, the first rule of the Kind Business club is that we LOVE talking about it.

The whole point of this club is to celebrate the businesses that use their products and services to do great things for great people, all whilst having the planet’s back.

We shout about their biz wins, new product releases, collaborations and successes on our social media, and use events like our Kind Business Gatherings and Kind Christmas Market to build their networks and introduce them to new, kind customers.

Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Fancy joining? Fill out our Kind Business Club application form (it’s completely free).

(HINT: If you think you’re a Kind Business, you probably already are. Fill out the form and find out for certain.)

The Human Kind Club

WTF is that?!

You’re not going to believe this one either. Are you ready?

It’s a Club for Kind Humans. We’re geniuses at naming clubs aren’t we?

This is the club for all the people who want to use their privilege to help spread kindness to those that need it. It’s for the people that know they want to do more to be kinder, but just don’t quite know where to start.

We help them get started by pointing them towards businesses that are truly kind. So that they know that when they shop with these businesses, they really are doing good in the world.

And when our brand spanking new platform is built, our Kind Humans will be able to redeem discounts, deals and rewards with these Kind Businesses. So not only do you get the guarantee that your £££s are supporting genuinely kind businesses, you’re also saving some pennies too.

AND, you’ll even be able to track your kindness, measuring the impact of your kind action on businesses, causes and kind people in need.

But that's all coming once our platform has been built.

If you’re ready to take kind action now, you can take a look at the businesses in our Kind Business club, and start shopping with them now.


You can sign up to our newsletter. This is where we’ll be sharing kind news, tips on how to be a kind consumer, and you’ll be the first to hear about our new platform when it’s ready.

So go on, add a dollop of kindness to your inbox and sign up to our newsletter.

Want EVEN MORE kindness?

Who doesn’t?

That’s why we’ve ALSO created The Kindness Fund.

The Kindness Fund supports nominated kind people living in deprivation. We also use the fund to invest in nominated woodland and green space projects to repair our environment.

We want to stop the nurses depending on food banks and prevent our extinction by simply taking kind action.

Our powerful community is all about that no nonsense kindness, tackling the climate and poverty crisis, to unfuck the world.

Sound like your kind of gang?

Welcome to Kind Currency.



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