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NEW PARTNERSHIP: Nucha & Kind Currency

Warmer temperatures. The sun is shining. Poolside holiday booked.

All of these things can lead us to want to update our summer wardrobe and wave goodbye to anything made of denim, or godforbid, wool.

But what happens to the items that we trash each season? Or to the pieces of clothing we wear once, then ditch in favour of something more on trend in a few months time?

All of these behaviours are symptoms of fast fashion cycles, and it’s having a real impact on people and our planet.

That’s why we’re delighted to be partnering with Nucha, to help people to make kinder fashion choices everyday.

About Nucha

Founded by Pritesh Bhole and Rousseau Jean-Julien, Nucha is on a mission to build the ultimate marketplace for charity supporters, circularity lovers and sustainable fashion advocates.

More than that, they want to achieve all of this whilst getting people addicted to donating to good causes. Thanks to their Minimum Donation principle, each and every transaction generates funds for a worthy cause.

Rousseau’s journey to found Nucha was borne of his own frustrations with the fast fashion cycle:

“I’ve never understood why you could buy an item of clothing and then just bin it when you no longer want it. My kids don’t wear anything new, except for the odd school uniform that we couldn’t find during the usual swapping day. I’m from a country that has benefited from charities for decades.”

“I made it a life goal both to reduce clothing waste and raise awareness about the extreme damage the textile industry is having on our planet. All this while making sure donating becomes a second nature for anyone using Nucha. Especially supporting smaller charities.”

Why we’re working together

Fast fashion is a huge issue within our society. Which is why we need all hands on deck to tackle it.

For both Kind Currency and Nucha, this fight starts with spreading the word about the Kind Businesses that put people and planet above unnecessary profit. The more businesses that we can support, spotlight and celebrate, the stronger the precedent and urgency for a different way of consuming and doing business is set.

Sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

As Rousseau said of the partnership:

“Two entities on a mission to do good by encouraging people to be kinder to each other and the planet can only bear delicious fruits.”

How you can make a change, today.

We all know that it’s time to give fast fashion the boot, and say hello to a kinder, more sustainable way of expressing your style. Even though many of us know that change is needed, it can sometimes feel challenging to find opportunities that create impactful and long lasting change.

Ready to support kind causes, but not sure how to get started?

Rousseau shares his advice on taking that first step in fighting the good fight.

“Be curious and look for [kind causes]. There are plenty of Kind Businesses around to support. From eco-friendly products to reforestation projects. Many businesses link their activities to supporting a charity. Look closer and you’ll find one or many of them.”

Take your first step on your kind consumer journey today, and check out what action you can take with Nucha.



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