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How to Build Your Brand Awareness

Nike. Apple. McDonalds. Google.

These household brand names are instantly synonymous with the products and services they offer.

These brands demonstrate how, if done right, building awareness for your business can have a transformational effect on your customer base, convincing your target audience that you’re the one-stop shop for their needs.

But here’s the thing. Everyone wants to stand out as the go-to business for whatever their product or service might be. That’s why you have to get creative when it comes to building an awareness and presence for your brand and what it stands for. Or, you risk being lost in the current of your crowded market.

Take a look at some of the things you can do to help build brand awareness for your business and stand out in your market.

1. Tap into an existing brand awareness: get that stamp of approval

Building a solid brand awareness takes time and dedication. Time that you as a business owner don’t always have going spare. Why not make the most of a brand that already has a strong awareness and customer base?

Joining the Kind Currency business club is the perfect space to build recognition and reliability for your brand. The business club is for organisations who put people and the planet above profit. So, when both your customers and members of the Kind Currency community see that you’re part of the business club, they’ll instantly know that you’re a reputable, kind and trustworthy organisation who they want to support and shop with.

Get in touch with to find out how you can join the Kind Business club and make the most of our brand awareness today.

2. Work out what you want to be known for

Think about building brand awareness as if you’re creating a dating app profile for your business.

If your app was a person, how would you describe them? What qualities do you want people to know about you within 2 seconds of coming across you?

This is different from the products or services that you can offer them, most likely there are lots of people out there offering what you offer. What makes your service unique is the person or people behind it.

Doing something like a quick and easy values exercise can help you pinpoint what characteristics are important to you and your brand. From there, you know that every business decision or customer facing communication needs to hit at least one, if not all, of your values. Once you’ve got that pinned down, you’ll be able to attract the RIGHT people to your business.

3. Pick one thing and do it better than anyone

Now you’ve nailed the personality of your brand, it’s now time to focus on your product or service specifically, and how that factors into your brand awareness. Let’s say you own an independent cafe. There are millions of cafes across the country. You might offer an entire menu of dishes that most people might find in another cafe down the road from you. So what is it about your menu that people should come to YOUR cafe to try?

Do you pile your hot chocolates with cream, marshmallows AND sprinkles? Do you do your poached eggs to perfection each and every time. THIS is your unique selling point: the product or service that no one does quite like you.

Whether you run a cafe or not, this principle can be applied to almost any business model. This isn’t to say that you should only focus on one service or product. You can still offer the menu, but you need to make sure that that menu has one or two standout items.



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